Game over internet!

Do you know Wikigame? In short it is game where you start on one random article and try find shortest path to other. You can try it now, try to find path from Dior to All Dogs. There are extra rules that make thing a bit more challenging, like no usage of dates or portals.

That game I want to inroduce you my idea. It is basicly the same as Wikigame, but over whole internet, and I mean WHOLE!


  1. You can folow any link
  2. You are not limited to HTTP protocol
  3. You can not use any search engines
  4. Typing anything into adress bar is prohibited
  5. Exept you can type adress if it is part of image, sound etc, but it need be exact

Example chalanges:

From To Any Telnet Server
This site Any FTP server